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Buddies’ aims are broad based and clearly stated on the website homepage and at the foot of the monthly Bulletin. 


Becoming a financial member of Buddies requires completion of a membership form and payment of a nominal annual membership of $20 (due 1 July), which is used to cover administration costs. Alternatively anyone who elects to become a monthly donor (see our donations page) is automatically considered a member. Financial members are eligible to vote at AGMs and other special general meetings. However, anyone can participate in Buddies activities. 


There are various sub-groups – Living in Australia Program (LAP), education and community awareness, fundraising, political advocacy, and finance – and anyone is invited to participate in a group relating to their own areas of interest. 

Buddies produces a comprehensive monthly email Bulletin with about 1000 people on its mailing list and also maintains its own extensive website.

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