To those who have died needlessly as a result of our inhumane detention regime

Fazel Chegeni

30-year-old Iranian Kurd

Died 8 November 2015


Escaped from the Christmas Island Detention Centre 6 November. His body was discovered 8 November by search and rescue teams at the bottom of island cliffs away from the centre.



Reza Alizadeh

26-year-old Iranian man

Died 27 October 2015


Hanged himself at Brisbane International Airport after months of suffering from depression and despair. He was living in the community on a bridging visa.



Khodayar Amini

30-year-old Hazara man

Died 18 October 2015


Self-immolated in a park in Dandenong - out of fear of being returned to immigration detention and then to Afghanistan where he believed he would be killed. Mr Amini was living in the community in Australia on a bridging visa and had been contacted by Australian immigration staff who wanted to interview him.


Ali Jaffari

37-year-old Hazara man

Died 17 September 2015


Self-immolated two days earlier, died in Fiona Stanley hospital Perth. Had previously been on suicide watch in Yongah Hills immigration detention centre, WA, following previous attempts on his life.



Mohammad Nasim Najafi

27-year-old Afghan man

Died 31 July 2015


Died of a suspected heart attack in Yongah Hill Detention Centre, Western Australia, amongst claims he had been denied medical treatment for two weeks.



Hazara man

Died 17 June 2015


Committed suicide in Perth by jumping in front of a train the day after being interviewed by police. His mental health had deteriorated after being on a bridging visa.




Omid Ali Avaz

29-year-old Iranian Kurd

Died 13 March 2015


Took his own life in Brisbane following a history of mental illness since learning of the death of his mother. Mr Avaz was on a 449 Humanitarian Stay Temporary Visa for 12 months in February and it is believed that he had concerns about his refugee status.



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