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Visa extended, but still a waiting game

21 August 2015


Nadir continues to live a life in limbo. His Bridging Visa expired on 6 August and two weeks later he has now been granted a three month extension. 

   The immigration department continues to reassure him he will not be detained or deported until the decision on the International Treaties Obligations Assessment (ITOA) conducted in January has been handed down. Apart from being told it is “under active consideration”, there is still no timeframe as to when this will happen. Nadir’s wait continues ...

    Once the ITOA is handed down though, if negative, he may be deported quickly. Usually a person has 28 days notice to depart, but Nadir has already had more than three month’s notice from the immigration department.

   So while he is still being spared the ordeal of boarding a plane for Kabul, Nadir’s agonizing wait has not ended.

   Please maintain the pressure on our politicians and continue sending messages of encouragement to Nadir at savenadir@gmail.com

Thank you all for your continued support of our Save Nadir campaign. Please continue to write and phone our politicians.


Peter Dutton, Immigration minister

Parliamentary office: (02) 6277 7860

Electoral office: (07) 3205 9977


Mal Brough Member for Fisher

Parliamentary office: (02) 6277 4970

Electoral office: (07) 5493 5556


Clive Palmer Member for Fairfax

Parliamentary office: (02) 6277 4372

Electoral office: (07) 5479 2800


"Nadir's Plea"


"Nadir's plea to Peter Dutton"

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