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Last Updated: 29 November 2019

Peter Thinks Big

29 November 2019

Quiet Australians

22 November 2019

A Photo That Says Everything

22 November 2019

Dutton Switches (off)

15 November 2019

More Consequences

10 November 2019

These next few images just scream to be put out there (happy to remove this particular post should there be any objections)


It was a struggle to put these up on this page, since they are not directly related to our refugee action support work, but go more to Leadership, Vision and Moral Integrity, all attributes, which if they were present in our Parliament (and particularly Government of course), would directly and positively impact on the refugee / asylum seeker crisis we have been burdened with for years, and from all sides of politics.

Nevertheless, leadership, vision, integrity are certainly "Something To Think About"...

Please look beyond the actual image content.......  while it may represent pressing and existential issues, ours is not a climate action group.


The post for this date, is more oriented to questions of competence, leadership, courage, vision, integrity, so lacking among the people that we as a nation, actually voted for, to represent us and progress this country into a future which is better in every way, than the past.

So, with that coda...... 

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'On the right side of history': Jacinda Ardern

How many "Leaders" can you count on this planet? Heres one to get you started.

90 seconds of edited speech in NZ Parliament 6 November 2019.

'On the right side of history': Jacinda Ardern

A more nuanced version of the same speech.

This is a 9 MINUTE version hosted on my private YouTube channel (so NOT available by searching YouTube!).


8 November 2019

Nine of Australias Most Heartless and Cruel Politicians (and 3 unfortunate look-alikes)

1 November 2019

Poor spuds....  pilloried, boiled, roasted, mashed...  (and all because they share an unfortunate resemblance)

Seriously......  would love to have a proper caption for this montage. Emails Welcome

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