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From March 2019

Ein Volk...  eine Nation.....  eine Flagge!!!! (vereint und stark)

29 March 2019


We have kept last weeks 'thoughts' on this page, because we haven't had time to think about them properly.....

Count 'Em

Leadership..... Morale is not a quality that trickles down from on high...  its something that wells up from below...

Brick Walls........  Not So Strong....  Not So Permanent?

15 March 2019

The myth of the great wave

Quote from Robert Mann, The Saturday Paper 2 March 2019......


"Since the dispossession of Australia’s Indigenous people, I can think of no greater act of state-supported injustice in our history, than the way we have watched impassively as the people we have sent to Nauru and Manus Island die slowly before our eyes.

To my mind, the question then is this: Will Australians in significant numbers be gullible, or callous, or indifferent enough to believe the story Morrison and his ministers are now telling them – about the impending arrival of an armada of asylum seekers on boats if we behave decently by bringing all seriously ill refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to Australia for medical treatment?


In the next three months, we shall find out.".

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