About the Lobby Group


The Lobby Group is a sub-group of Buddies which mainly focuses on various forms of lobbying and education. 

   We respond to articles in the press (or other forms of media) on refugee and asylum seeker issues when we feel that misinformation or bias needs to be addressed or injustices challenged. 

   We lobby politicians and we speak to community groups or schools as opportunities arise. We intend to increasingly use other forms of social media to enable the message concerning the current treatment of refugees and asylum seekers to be made known.



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Lobby Group Meeting – Tuesday 13 October


Chairperson: Lindel Greggery

Note-taker: Penny Rivlin

Present: Lindel, Penny, Audrey Raymond, Diana Woolley

Apologies: Margaret Landbeck

Welcome to Diana for coming on board to fortify our Lobby Group!          


Buddies petition: Disappointingly, only 186 have signed. We felt we should link in with various similar minded groups such as Romero (Penny to do), Brass (could Margaret ?), MDA , Women OutFront (Audrey please) and possibly Freddie Steen. This enlarged network would hopefully generate more response.


Tweeting: an instant way of promoting an issue. Tweeting politicians is a very public issue and something they cannot ignore, it is a good lobbying strategy. We have a twitter strategy, which includes step-by-step instructions as to how to Twitter, which will be shared with all Buddies


Welcome zone update: Buddies was contacted by Kim Price who is a Community Development Officer, Indigenous and Multicultural Portfolio with the Sunshine Coast Council. She is keen to develop multiculturalism and support refugees locally. Lobby group has passed on her details  to Diana Woolley and Garry Bates to follow up, as they had volunteered to meet with Council about forming a Welcome Zone.  


Lobbying MPs: This seems to be fruitless as far as the big names go. We will focus on giving email support to Labor for Refugees, The Greens and Queensland senators who are speaking out against current refugee policy. Penny to get a list of sympathetic Labor MPs for Buddies to contact. We can all contact them by email or leave messages on their Facebook page or via Twitter.


Financial membership: Only 51 people have become financial members of  Buddies. More financial members are needed to cover the cost of public liability insurance, which protects our members. It was felt that more education and promotion of the membership options are needed. It would be good to have this option promoted in the Bulletin, on Facebook, at meetings and more prominently on the website.


Walk Together: Walk for refugees, 11am, Sunday 31 October, at Cotton Tree, details on the Facebook page and in the Bulletin


Next meeting: 12 noon, Friday 11 December, lunch at Cala Luna, Beach Front Towers, 4 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore 


2018 Buddies Refugee Support Group

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