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October 2018
Three Liberal MPs push Morrison to take child refugees and families off Nauru

Here's a question in preface to this Guardian article......  Is the reason for this apparent change of heart:

  1. Perhaps some of 'our' politicians have at last discovered their humanity, or

  2. Maybe they are recognising the swelling tide of public opinion,  or

  3. Maybe there is an election coming up,  or

  4. All of the above

You can choose more than one answer.....  #4 is unlikely, but who knows?


 "Three government MPs have urged Scott Morrison to remove children and their families from Nauru, declaring conditions in offshore detention have reached a tipping point".  The Guardian, 16 October 2018

Read the full article here.

Most Wentworth voters want Nauru children brought to Australia

Lets hope this is really true, and if it IS, then lets hope the people of Wentworth make their voices heard in just over a weeks time on the 20th October!


 "A clear majority of voters in the electorate of Wentworth want children on Nauru to be brought to Australia for medical assessment, and 55% say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who could deliver that outcome, according to a new poll.

A poll commissioned by the Refugee Council of Australia says 65.4% of a sample of 870 Wentworth residents want children on Nauru brought to Australia, supporting a recent public intervention to that effect by the Australian Medical Association and other medical groups.

The poll also suggests climate change is a significant issue in the byelection, which could cost the Morrison government its one-seat majority in the House of Representatives.".  The Guardian, 6 October 2018

Read the full article here.

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