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May 2018

Report: With Empty Hands - Forcing Asylum Seekers Into Destitution

"Refugee Council Of Australia Brief June 2018"


The With empty hands we cannot do anything. It’s like you ask me to paint this wall without giving me any paint and brush and I ask ‘how can I do it’ and you respond ‘I don’t know, just do it’.

— Ali,* seeking asylum in Perth.

This report tells the story of over 30,000 people seeking asylum in Australia, and the Australian Government has, in various ways, denied them access to work, study, income and much-needed health services.

For many, their lifeline is a support program that provides 89% of a Newstart allowance, or around $35 a day. Yet this too is now being taken away from them, with an estimated 7,000 likely to lose all income in the next few months because of yet more punitive policy changes.

This is the first report to explain the bewildering and ever-changing policies that have led us here. It reflects the voices of people seeking asylum and those who work with them, gathered through our national annual consultations in 2016 and 2017.


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