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but we are only human....   depending on how it all goes,  "Stop The Boats" may take on another meaning....  (stop them leaving that is)

update......  well, we may have missed the 'Dutton earthquake' ....    but is there a 'ScoMo Tsunami' to follow?

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Last Updated: 11 August 2018

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The soul of Manus prison and the system that created and governs Manus prison is in the process of replicating itself throughout Australian society, reproducing itself in unlimited numbers.
This is the merciless system that takes humans as captives and subjects them to rules and regulations of micro-control and macro-control, a system that takes their human identities.
I wish to conclude on this last point and ask that you reflect on this reality.

Behrouz Boochani is a Kurdish journalist and writer from Ilam in Iran. He is being held on Manus Island.

This article was first published in the print edition of
The Saturday Paper on Aug 11, 2018 as "Manus prison theory".

Those were the days..........

Last Updated: 03 August 2018

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