Medical Profession Taking An Ethichal & Humanitarian Stand

Ethical conflicts erupt for doctors as the Australian government overrides their clinical decisions for refugees.

  • What happens to their medical ethics?

  • What happens to their patients?


Producer / Director Heather Kirkpatrick’s 2nd documentary film, Against Our Oath, exposes a medical system where the best interest of refugee patients is not at play and doctors fight back against this.


The government says their offshore deterrence system protecting Australian borders will fall apart with the recent passing of the Urgent Medical Transfer Bill. How will this conflict be resolved when many lives are at stake?


Medical ethics is at the core of this powerful film as it lifts the lid on this issue by getting behind hospital doors and hearing first hand from the clinicians.  The film will educate Australians and remind health practitioners of the ethics they must follow.

This film is now being released and SCRAN is hosting the Queensland premiere of on 21 October in Noosa and Nambour on 23rd.


Tickets & Information For the Noosa Premiere Screening Here

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About Heather Kirkpatrick, Award-winning Filmmaker

Against our Oath is Heather Kirkpatrick’s 2nd documentary following "Mary Meets Mohammad". 

Heather is a recipient of a UN Peace Prize (among other awards) and is a good friend of the local SEQ refugee rights movement.


After the Lady Cilento Vigil for Baby Asha a few years ago, Heather with the assistance of other supporters, set about creating this documentary.

The film is about the ethical challenges that erupt for doctors as the Australian Government over-rides their clinical decisions for refugee patients. This documentary exposes a medical system where the best interests of refugee patients are undermined and doctors courageously fight back against this.

Independent documentaries are needed more than ever in this era of ‘fake news’.  After four years working 100% independently and unwaged, Heather and her team at Waratah Films are at the final edit and post-production stage and need help with funding for this final stage. Her crowd-fund campaign is here:  .


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