Film night fundraiser, Nambour, May 2014

Film fundraiser night – Nambour, May 2014

One of 2014's biggest fundraisers for Buddies, a film fundraiser evening was held at the Nambour Civic Centre, where it was seen to be a full house, with over 200 tickets sold to raise funds for Buddies' assistance with asylum-seekers and refugees in Australia. The night was fantastic, and there are many thank yous that need to go out to all whom attended the evening; to the staff of the centre assisting us on the evening; to people who shared in the food festivities; bought raffle tickets and crafts made by Buddies members; and finally, to the experience of watching Wadjda, a beautiful movie that has broken into the international film industry, bringing strengths of self-empowerment, womens' rights, and the plight to stand-alone when society begs otherwise (just to name a few). A very heart-felt experience it was. To Kendall, Yoki, Dee, and Roger running the raffle tickets, to Jessica being the brain power behind this event, to Bronwyn organising the tickets, to Penny and the wonderful ladies serving tea and coffee, to Audrey chairing the evening, and to every Buddies member, new, young, old, and the inspired, thank you for sharing the evening with us all. Thank you for bringing a plate and giving your time to be involved with Buddies. May we have many more to come. 

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